Surprise! Alucardi here. You may have noticed that by grabbing my hand (I know you're's alright), you are transported to OUR SITE MAP. If this is your first time in The Red Room GO BACK (just close this window) or you will miss out on all the fun. If you are lost, or want to take a more direct route through our section of the castle... be my guest. 


Enter The Red Room: A Horizontal Ghoulery of Vampire Art and Bits of Strange

The Red Room is a linear site that you scroll from left to right (on the main pages). It is a journey to take, with secret passageways and elevators and more. If you need more assistance, you can always ask Wilhelm. The site map to the right will take you directly to each location if you do not wish to (or already have) take the linear path.



Site Map



 The Rest of The Red Room Realm:

Ask Wilhelm
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Ghoul Book

High Spirits:

Gothic Chamber Spirit Page

Golden Elite Spirit Page (ret.)

The Wizard Quest Halloween Party