Here are some of my photographsWell, here on the East Wall I like to put my photographs. 

"Lost in the Shadows"

Here is one of my favorite photos


Move in this (horizontal) direction --->

Are you going to try to click on every little crack in the wall? GOOD! Click on everything, this place is a Chronic Clicker's paradise  :)

This is just a closet door, for linens and the like.

This door is so squeeky - I need to oil the hinges.

In case you didn't catch it the first time, this is a floorplan of where you are 





Don't put your finger into the outlet!!


Here's another photo - I didn't take the picture myself, but the photographer has no need for it anymore - hehe

I'll have to remember NEVER to use her hair stylist!

Oh, here is a window to the holding cell.

Looks like someone is taking a peek at us.

Clicking on wall cracks again - huh?



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