Stop touching Me!OOh the South Wall. I really like the way my painting of Ruby came out. She posed for this not too long ago, and it has remained a favorite of mine. She really does have a deep crimson hue to her skin...with a beautiful porcelain complexion.



Ah! The Porcelain Ruby


Floor Plan


You can just walk past that next window...real fast....What? You want to know what's outside the window...well, if you insist.....

...The Vile Demorgafey (a very evil vampire...she preyed on her own) was transformed into a statue - impaled on the Arc of Dubláne, sentenced to stone - unmoving, but able to see and hear the world change around her. Though she felt no physical pain, she knew all too well the pain of waiting....until her three-hundred-year sentence is up. Then she will be hit by the sun, and crumble into ashes - her only release.

Go the blinds, and peak out the window...Demorgafey won't bite...anymore.
UPLOADED 11/22/02



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