We've come to the end of our tour of The Red Room. The doors behind me lead to the passageway down to the Lower Tunnel, and you are not permitted entrance at this time. You can browse around if you like. Please move to the right.

Don't try to squeeze past me to go out the doors!! You are not permitted to enter from here, now turn around and finish the tour!

There you go sticking your finger into wall sockets again! What IS your problem!   

"Drac's Folly"

Oh my, what a bloody mess!


Go ahead and click on it - it won't grab you or anything!


You still don't know where you are?

"Crimson Equation"

You are feeling sleepy.........very sleepy

Sit Down - Take a Brief Rest...the couch is soft and relaxing...but don't get TOO comfortable 

You know, the West Wall gives me the creepers, so please find your way out after/while viewing the final piece of artwork. Thanks for visiting

Your gracious hostess Alucardi

"Red Moods" 

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