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Hello, my name is Alucardi, the Artist.  I will be your hostess for your viewing in The Red Room. These Drac Pictures were created when a morbid or melancholy mood took me.

Feel free to click around and explore each wall in the Ghoulary. You have come in through the door on the North Wall, so let's view the artwork on this North Wall, and work our way to the East Wall. 

Be sure to scroll from left to right ...we are walking through a room after all!
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Ah the Lovely Morticia!
UPLOADED 04/07/03

Another thing I need to mention. Please do not take anything from The Red Room. All of the artwork, photos, and backgrounds images are mine, and all rights are reserved.

If you steal something from The Red Room, I'll have to send Dracula out to retrieve it...and you wouldn't like that. If you want free wallpaper for your computer desktop, you can always go here.

Oooh...let's take a peek outside, shall we?

The eyes have it *wink* Smile for the camera



. Here is the Troubled Fawn
UPLOADED 12/19/01



Here is a floorplan - so you don't get lost DON'T want to get lost here  ;)



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East Wall