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3D Desktop Wallpaper Galleries

GALLERY 1: Featured Wallpaper
Here you will find the newest/favorite wallpaper. Index page art is also archived here.

GALLERY 2: Galaxy (Planet-scapes)
View things from afar. Get the big picture. Planets, Orbs, Suns, you get the idea. 

GALLERY 3: Landscapes
Landscapes you may see on our fine planet earth, including a rainbow landscape,
an underground cavern and mountain landscapes.

GALLERY 4: Alien Landscapes
Being that the focus of this site is scifi, there are more Alien Landscapes than anything else.
This collection features scapes in greens, blues, grays - you know - cool, baby. 

GALLERY 5: Alien Landscapes
More science fiction landscapes for your enjoyment, in the warmer part of the color chart - reds, pinks, purples too.  If you don't recognize the planet, we've provided descriptions for you.

GALLERY 6: Sentient Beings
All matter of creatures
: unicorns, people, angels, fairies, alien creatures and even a night-mare.

GALLERY 7: Other Creations
A variety of miscellany including gems, a preserved skull and
other artist submissions.

GALLERY 8: Other Creations 2
Classic creations. Some of the first wallpapers developed. Experimentation with colors, textures and shapes.

Various Other Galleries, Art, Photographs, and Nonsense

Additional Distractions Gallery
(photo manipulations and other miscellany)

"Living Quarters"
Cool Spotlight Applet - check it out -
(You know you want to)

The Red Room
(Opens a new window). This is a one of the few HORIZONTAL websites around. A feast of vampire art that seconds as a virtual haunted house.




Commissioned Work

Photographs and artwork are original and are Copyright 2000-2004 scifisuzi.comTM
ALL Rights Reserved



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