Are You F-f-f-f-reaky over Farscape? We Certainly Are!

These "Super Hero" Style Characters are called "Micro Heros" or "Lil Guyz"

These wonderful Farscape Lil Guyz were created by Miguel Hernandez, and are shown here with his permission:

Farscape Lil Guyz Created by:

Miguel Hernandez ~ Thanks Miguel!!

"See the beauty and hold it in your eyes no matter what!"

~ Virginia Hey



One of the original Farscape websites in the Uncharteds, Karlsweb Farscape Ezine has it all: Exclusive interviews, costuming, episode reviews, award-winning fan fiction, the latest news, and the biggest mother lode of spoilers this side of Nebari Prime. This site is just too cool...highly recommended!

(how do you rate? I am a Maniac Academic Farscape Fanatic)


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