Don't touch me!



Enter the Archway to the right,
and go down through the Tunnel





Ask Wilhelm...go to his lair








My name is Wilhelm, and I am here to help with your tour of the Red Room. Here is a list of FAQ (Freakishly Asked Questions).

Wilhelm, how is this website different from most others?

This is a horizontal, linear website, and, as in many games, you follow a path to lead to a further situation and/or location. I highly recommend starting the tour HERE, and follow the path. Alucardi will guide you.

Wilhelm, what do you mean by a horizontal website?

This is a HORIZONTAL website, and you should be able to scroll to the right (and left) without the annoyance of scrolling up and down (on the main pages).  You should have your screen resolution set to at least as high as 800 x 600 to avoid the vertical scroll (which ruins the whole "walking through a room" effect).

Wilhelm, how can I better enjoy the "linear" aspect of the site?

Be sure to use the BACK links provided for you instead of your browser's back button. This way you will keep on track and not miss any rooms, or graveyards, etc.

Wilhelm, I have been here before...I just love to romp in the Red Room, and Alucardi is such a fine hostess, but do I have to travel the entire pathway to see any new developments?

If you have recently visited The Red Room, and have left your mark at the bottom of the Red Well, we invite you to hop a ride on the "Up" elevator, a new floor is currently being constructed, and you may even find an entrance to the Lower Tunnel, which is locked from inside The Red Room. 

Wilhelm, you have answered all my questions, but you are so long-winded that I can't remember how to enter The Red Room, may I have that link again?

Long-winded? If you were not a guest of Alucardi's....well, I might consider you a snack! Grrrrrrrr.....I am counting to ten... one, two, three........................Okay - I will restrain myself. Alucardi should have warned you that I have a short fuse.

Back to your question...if you have never been here before, please ENTER HERE. Remember to "click around" a lot. This is a chronic clicker's dream.

Wilhelm (asking gingerly) might I question you on the where-abouts of some of the more interesting places on the grounds of The Red Room? I am just too impatient to follow your "linear" path.

AAHHRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG! Impatient! Impatient! I am getting impatient with YOU! I feel like screaming!!!!!! AAHHRRGGGG! (takes a deep breath, closes eyes). Okay, okay...if just can't follow the rules...if you must know...I will tell you, but I suggest you leave promptly, once you choose your fate! I grow tired of answering your driveling questions. 

The Red Room is here. In the Red Room, you will find the secret passageway of the Red Well through the last piece of art on the wall of the West Wall. From the Red Well, you can hop on the "Up" Elevator to the second floor. Alucardi is still remodeling, so view a piece of art or two and make your way to the "Down" Elevator to the Lower Tunnel which runs under part of the castle.  You can either calmly browse through the Lower Tunnel, or run screaming through the Lower Tunnel...you will still end up outside at the Dark Tower (if you opened that Red Door at the end of the Lower Tunnel that is). If you have the foresight to grab that flashlight (you are outside in the dark) you can read some gravestones. After you read the gravestone, you should make a hasty retreat, and ENTER the Parlor, Imara strolls the graveyards at night, and you don't want to get too close to her. From the Parlor, you can choose your own destiny. 

Now....my patience is gone, and I suggest that you are gone too. I am getting hungry, and I would hate to displace one of Alucardi's guests. I bid you farewell. Of course if you are desperate for a bite (snicker), you can always visit with me at the entrance of The Red Room.