...You Know You are a die-hard SciFi Fanatic if you
answer yes to at least five of these conditions:

1) You have a Star Fleet Academy costume shirt in your wardrobe.

2) You have seen The Fifth Element so many times, that you know most of the script and find yourself mouthing the words as you watch the show.

3) You know over three ways to curse at someone in "Klingon." ***

4) Your biggest debate is, who is sexier: Zev or Xev?***

5) You have those "glow-in-the-dark" stars stuck on your ceiling.

6) You think the "Kangaroo Men" on Tank Girl are cute AND sexy.

7) You LIKED Johnny Mneumonic. Keanu Reeves acting was just fine, thank you very much!

8) You know that a telepathic dog is always smarter than the boy he keeps company with.***

9) You have a more extensive collection of scifi books than your local library.. 

10) (If you have your sound system on) you know what show this song is from.***

11) You even know what "spoo" is, and who thinks it is disgusting to eat fresh, raw spoo!

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