...You Know You are a Caffeine Addict if you
answer yes to at least five of these conditions:
(These conditions can apply to any caffeinated beverage, we used coffee to make it easier - and that is our particular fix.)


1) You purchase your coffee at the bulk store.

2) If you run out of coffee grounds - you heat up the left-over coffee in the mug sitting on the counter from the night before. (You just scoop out the dead mosquito, and think, "I'm sure this java will taste just fine.")

3) You just don't understand why everyone around you acts like they are moving in slow motion. (And sometimes feel like kickin' 'em in the fanny, and yelling at them, "MOVE ALREADY.")

4) Your biggest debate is, which is better: fresh ground coffee (which tastes better) or pre-ground coffee from the can (which contains more caffeine).

5) Your son's middle name is "Java," and your daughter's middle name is "Mocha Latte."

6) You get a violent headache if you don't have your "first cup" within seven minutes of crawling out of bed.

7) You feel like you and your buddies account for 50% of Starbucks' profits.

8) When you clean up your desk at the end of the day, you have to grab over three empty/used coffee cups to wash, in addition to two empty coke cans. (Though you have caffeine coursing through your veins, you don't have the motivation to rinse out your first mug and use it again - you just keep grabbing clean mugs.)

9) You liked "Earl Grey" tea BEFORE Captain Picard.

10) Your thoughts on decaffeinated coffee...why did they ever invent the bloody stuff - if coffee doesn't contain caffeine, why drink it?

We Hail Thee, oh Coffee Bean

(is this a cool blood-dripping bar, or my coffee-induced ulcer?)

This caffeinated alien was transported here by Lady Flutterby at Castle Keep -  Thanks!!


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