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What is scifisuzi referring to?
3) Three ways to cuss in Klingon:

Pahtk - a Klingon insult, pronounced "pa-TAK" [pe-TAKKH]. (The Defector) The "Klingon" B'Elanna rescues the "Human" B'Elanna from an unpleasant situation and tells her to "Get up, p'tahk!" when she regains consciousness. (The Sword of Kahless) Worf throws a thief he caught on Odo's desk saying, "This p'tak just robbed my quarters!"

Baktag - A Klingon word used as an insult, as in a "piece of baktag."

Toh-pah - Klingon expletive, as in "you incompetent Toh-pah."

4) Let's face it - Zev and Xev are both fine human/cluster lizard females!!!
8) Telpathic dog? From "A Boy and His Dog" of course. How old was Don Johnson when he made this film? 18?
10) You were listing to "The Brunnen-G Fight Song" from LEXX. (Kai's a babe, isn't he?)

References from the "Enter Here" page:
Trekkie: A Star Trek Fan.

Trekker: what a Star Trek fan who doesn't like the term "Trekkie" (because they think it's demeaning, or nerdish) calls herself/himself. (around the '70's the media began using the name "Trekkies" derogatorily, so the fans began referring to themselves as "Trekkers.)

There is a story where Gene Roddenberry appears at a convention where he mentions something about Trekkie and a fan yells back, "We're Trekkers" and Roddenberry says "No you're not, you're Trekkies I invented you". (That pretty much says it all).

Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) prefers that her fans are called Trekkers. To each her/his own - does it really matter? The point is that both Trekkies and Trekkers love Star Trek.

A spoo taster - any number of species on Babylon 5 (more info below)
Luxan - a warrior race on "Farscape."
A meat popsicle - what Korben Dallas claimed to be, at one point, on "The Fifth Element."
A Borg - a cyborg (humanoid/machine) race that forcefully assimilated other races for their "collective." The Borg function as a "hive mind," or collective entity. You will find the Borg on "Star Trek."
A Bene Gesserit - a member of The Bene Gesserit, which is known as a religious order, and a mystic Sisterhood in "Dune."

The Bene Gesserit "Litany Against Fear"

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will let it pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."

or a self-proclaimed sci-fi nut - possible YOU?


Spoo, as described by J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5, and quoted in a few different sources:

Spoo is/are (the plural of spoo is spoo) small, white, pasty, mealy critters, rather worm-like, and generally regarded as the ugliest animals in the known galaxy by just about every sentient species capable of starflight, with the possible exception of the pak'ma'ra, who would simply recommend a more rigorous program of exercise. They are also generally considered the most delicious food in all of known space, regardless of the individual's biology, almost regardless of species, except for the pak'ma'ra, who like the flavor but generally won't say so simply to be contrary.

Spoo are raised on ranches on worlds with a damp, moist, somewhat chilly climate so that their skin can acquire just the right shade of paleness. Spoo travel in herds, if moving a total of six inches in any given direction in the course of a given year can actually be considered moving. They stay in herds ostensibly for mutual protection, but the reality is that if they weren't propped up against one another, most of them would simply fall down. They do not howl, bark, moo, purr, yap, squeak or speak. Mainly, they sigh. Herds of sighing spoo can reportedly induce unparalleled bouts of depression, which is why most spoo ranchers wear earmuffs even when it's only mildly cold, damp, wet and dreary outside. If there is any life-or-death struggle for dominance within the spoo herd, it has not yet been detected by modern science.

Spoo ranching is one of the least regarded professions known. Little or no skill is required, once you've got a planet with the right climate. You bring in two hundred spoo, plop them down in the middle of your ranch, and go back to the nearby house. Soon you've got more. When it comes time to cull out the ones ready for market (the softest, mealiest, palest, most forlorn-looking spoo of the pack), little physical effort is required since they're incapable of rapid movement without falling over (see above). They do not resist, fight, or whine; they only sigh more loudly. When spoo harvest time comes, the air is full of the sound of whacking and sighing, whacking and sighing. Even an experienced spoo rancher can only harvest for brief periods of a time, due to the increased volume of sighing, which even the sound of whacking cannot altogether erase. Some have simply gone mad.

Spoo are the only creatures of which the Interstellar Animal Rights Protection League says, simply, "Kill 'em."

Fresh spoo (served at an optimum temperature of 62-degrees) is served in cubed sections, so that they bear as little resemblence as possible to the animal from which they have just been sliced. Spoo is usually served alongside a chablis, or a white zinfandel.

What does spoo taste like?
Meat Jello.
Served chilled.

Who dislikes fresh spoo: Londo

G'Kar: "Would you like some spoo? It's fresh."
Londo: "Fah! Get that away from me! Spoo needs to age; it takes time to cultivate its flavor. To eat fresh spoo is to insult a Centauri. I don't even know where you got it."
G'Kar: "I saw it on a tray, heading into the south end of the palace. I assumed no one would mind if I took it."
Londo: "That's right. Only Narns can stomach it."
G'Kar: "Well, if that's true, and I'm the only Narn in the palace, then where was it going? . . Mollari-- where was it going?"
Londo: "How do I know? Do I look like a chef to you?"
G'Kar: "What's in the south end of the palace?"
Londo: "Well, uh, the memorial gardens, the old living quarters--both are shut down now, have been for years, and... underground cells-"
G'Kar: "Take me there."
Londo: "It's late!"
G'Kar: "Now."

-- G'Kar and Londo in "A Tragedy of Telepaths" - Babylon 5