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Ellen Dubin as Abbie in "Tracker", starring Adrian Paul.

Highlander's Adrian Paul as Cole and Ellen Dubin as Abbie in "Tracker."

Geraint Wyn Davies (FOREVER KNIGHT) as Zin, pictured with Ellen in "Tracker."

The Tunnel

A candid shot from the movie, " The Tunnel" directed by and starring Daniel Baldwin. Ellen played Megan, the lawyer.  The film was shot on a train.

Another candid shot  from the movie, " The Tunnel." Ellen as Megan, the lawyer,
pictured with Kim Coates, as Geary, her client.

Secret Service

Ellen Dubin as Raven a stripper/con artist in "Secret Service."

Ellen as Raven the stripper/con artist in a suit disguise. She played nine different roles on "Secret Service" for NBC.

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Photographs of Ellen Dubin Copyright: Wanstrom & Assoc