UMM is a Canadian men's magazine that features a different actress every month. I was very flattered to be contacted for the pictorial. Although I was grateful to have the opportunity to be in their magazine, I have such a goofy image of myself that I found it hilarious to be asked.

BUT, as an actress I am constantly transforming my look to fit the role, so why not for this magazine shoot? The part this time was - a sexy "babe." So like any play, film or television, that is the role I played. That way it was easy for me to do the magazine. Believe me, I laughed a lot during the shoot! Not only did I laugh alot, I made the photographer laugh alot. She had a great time as well. Yes I am wearing underwear in the black camisole shot! (for inquiring minds)

Credits: UMM (Urban Male Magazine)


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