March 9, 2004

What a lovely day for a drive. Let's take off and see what the day brings. Are you all seat-belted in? Good....let's go!

Here is Dargo's first stop. He has baked a delicious blueberry cheesecake pie to donate to the local school. The office staff is joking about eating it themselves, instead of passing it along to the teachers....he hopes they are joking....for their sake. If he finds out they did eat it instead of the teachers, next time he'll have to bring and open up a big can o' whoop-a**. Oh well, let's see what's next.

Oh! Something's caught Dargo's eye...he pops into a little shop to see what glitters...

...and makes friends with the locals. Come ON Dargo, we have to go! Stop flirting with Ms. Hen and let's get a move on!

Dargo's trip takes him past the area's famous "Recyclosaurus. He insists on stopping for a photo.

Another photo with the Recyclosaurus? Oh Dargo!

Here is a closer shot of Recyclosaurus. Notice the soda cans deep within his belly.

Oh lookie here. Dargo has stopped into his area voting precinct to cast his ballot. Oh Dargo, that's a long jump up to the ballet screen, can you make it?

Oh Good! What an excellent jump...and now you are ready to vote! Will your vote really matter? Who knows...but at least you made the effort! Dargo could get on a political soapbox...but he digresses.

What a nice sticker you've got there Dargo. It doesn't quite match your pastel color scheme, but it sure does stick to your fur well. Wow, that's gonna be a bit sensitive to remove, but you're a tough little guy. 

Well, you've certainly done a lot today Dargo. What do you have planned for your next outing? We are all anxious to know  :)


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